Dollar General and Serve is offering a promo between January 7, 2019 to February 10, 2019 that adds an extra $15 to any Serve card bought through the retail chain. Once it is activated and registered to an account by February 28, 2019 you will receive a $15 account credit.


  • Purchase any new Serve Card at Dollar General between Janurary 7, 2018 to February 10, 2019
  • Successfully complete online registration and email verification by February 28, 2019 to receive a $15 account credit.
  • Only 1 account credit per customer.
  • Account credit will be posted to your Account within 30 days after successful email verification.
  • Register at

Final Thoughts

This is an easy profit to be had as long as you haven’t reached your max Serve card limit. However don’t be fooled, this isn’t a straight $15 profit because each card requires a $3.95 activation fee. This brings each card to a profit of $11.05 if you manage to register more than one successfully. Not the greatest but profit is profit.

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